An oral history project on the integration of the University of Mississippi School of Law and the University Medical Center.

An oral history project of the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation

Many Thanks

Many thanks to Mr. John Batson, brother of Dr. Blair Batson, for his generous funding of this project. Mr. Batson suggested this project to us and provided the funding necessary to see it to completion.

Additional thanks to the participants in this project:
The Honorable Reuben Anderson
Dr. Blair Batson
Mr. John Batson
Ms. Debbie Bell
Dean Joshua Morse
Mr. John Robin Bradley
Mr. John Brittain
Dean Samuel Davis
Mr. John Hailman
Dr. Kimble Love
Dr. Aaron Shirley
Constance Slaughter-Harvey, Esquire
Mr. Robert Weems
Mr. Jay Wiener
Gov. William F. Winter

This project was directed by Kate Medley and April Grayson, with additional interviews and research by University of Mississippi law students:

Will Bardwell
Hays Burchfield
Elizabeth Crowell
Crystal Gray
Annette Hollowell
Mary Kathryne Kirkpatrick
Alysson Mills
Marcus White

Additional thanks to:
The Batson Family, particularly Ms. F. Blair Batson, for providing photographs and additional information
The Center for Documentary Studies at the University of Mississippi for technical assistance
Dean Sam Davis for providing primary documents